When Michelle Chamberlain first joined MLS, telemedicine was an emerging technology, and electronic communication between physicians and patients was newly on the scene. Fast-forward 17 years and artificial intelligence, big data, precision medicine and blockchain technology top the lists of the newest trends in healthcare IT.

One thing that hasn’t changed during Michelle’s tenure at the MLS Group of Companies is her attention to customer service, and willingness to customize her approach to meet each client’s unique needs. She’s no stranger to hard work, anyway. Before her entry into the healthcare industry, Michelle worked at an auto insurance company by day and took college classes at night to earn her degree.

For this blog, we go one-on-one with our senior account manager about her role with MLS and how her recent transition to working remotely full-time has affected how she collaborates with her clients and colleagues.

What do you like best about your role as senior account manager?

For me, onboarding a new client is the most rewarding. I enjoy working with them to see how their business operates and how we can further define our business to assist them. It’s important to me to have the proper processes and procedures in place to help these clients make a seamless transition to working with a new independent review organization (IRO). Every day here is a new challenge, and that makes my job all the more interesting and fulfilling.

What are some best practices for onboarding new clients?

Every client is different, so when I first meet one, I develop a set of questions specifically for them to figure out how they operate and process their IRO cases. Then, I fit the information I obtain from their answers into MLS’ processes and procedures. It’s essential to meet all of a client’s requirements and ensure we don’t put them in jeopardy by missing any type of deadline or decision timeframe to which they need to adhere.

What sets MLS apart from its competitors?

We’re able to customize our workflows and portal for each client. Each client has different needs and utilizes contrasting terminology to determine what type each case is, so that personalization is essential. Also, we have a specified account manager available to each client to allow them to directly contact that professional if they have a question, comment or concern. It’s a very streamlined process.  

How has working remotely the past couple months changed the way you interact with clients?

For the most part, it hasn’t changed how I interact with our clients. The communication with them has been seamless, and I’m quickly able to answer calls and emails. A majority of our clients are also working remotely, so availability hasn’t been a problem on either end.

What tips would you give to any professional new to remote work?

There is an adjustment working from home, so it’s important to discipline yourself and attempt to keep the same schedule as if you were going into the office. I try to start and end work and take small breaks at the same time each day. Don’t feel as though you always have to be “on” or check your computer day and night – you need some time away from your work to refresh and maintain your mental health.

What message is important for you to give to your clients?

I want our clients to be successful. I also want MLS to be successful, because that means we’re responsive to our clients and do everything we can to help them in whatever capacity they need.

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On the Record with Michelle Chamberlain